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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Unrelated: Creating Categories with and Technorati

Sorry for the unrelated entry; I thought it might be of value to bloggers in general.

Categories, IMHO, allow us bloggers to create preliminary forms of information architecture out of individual blogs. Some blogs are more similar than others, so it makes sense to create tags to try and account for those similarities and differences. Some other blog services may provide categories but I believe blogger doesn't.

This is as foolproof a writeup as I could put together describing how to create categories using Technorati and I thought it might be helpful for some.

Go to Technorati's website. Create an account by clicking in top right to get here. Go through all the steps to create the account. After creating an account, go into your account and claim your blog where asked.

Now go to's website. Create an account here too by clicking on the register link at the top right. Put in the information and confirm the account.

Now for each blog entry you write up, you need to tag in two places, as far as I can tell. First, you need go put a little code in your actual blog entry. Second you need to post a bookmarklet on Below I explain how to do the two things.
Ted Ernst at his great website has created a very helpful little bit of code to create categories for your blogs. So lets say that for this entry I would like to classify it into "data" and "information_management", two of the tags created in Then I go here where it says 'Technorati Delicious Bookmarklet', click on the link, and type in "data information_management". You get some code as your output.

Now you need to replace the references to tedernst with your username for the account. Just put that code directly into your blog entry as I have done below.

Go back into your account and Click on "Post" in the top right. Copy and paste in the url of the blog entry you just wrote. The site then asks for a descriptoin as well as the tags you want. For this entry, I again put in information_management, data. Tags cannot have whitespace in between them, which is why I use '_' for tags with multiple words. You can choose whatever tags you think are most appropriate.

Then you you should be good to go. When you click on the category from a blog entry you should be able to see all the other blog entries you've written which are in the same category.

If I've done anything wrong just let me know! This is an evolving entry (as usual).
PS. Watch out for stray commas. They can screw things up.



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