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Thursday, September 29, 2005


I will be a bit on the busy side over the next few weeks. Good news-- I will be a guest speaker at an Information Systems/Information Management Seminar Series in the Operations Research Dept at the University of Pennsylvania on October 28th. Needless to say, the subject is, tentatively, "Web Mining, data integration and the stock market."

Hopefully I don't say or do something stupid, and more importantly, hopefully I actually have something which people might consider interesting!

Highlight of the week: Last Thursday, I got to shake Jim Simons' hand. Arguably the best hedge fund manager in existence. Quite an honor.


  • Meeting Simons is pretty cool - he must be the greatest investor that no-one has ever heard of. I think it's doubly impressive that he has maintained such a low profile with what is arguably the best record in the business. It suggests that he is able to keep his ego in check and focus on his business (of course, it could also be that he is pathologically secretive).
    The WSJ recently reported that his fee structure is now 5% of assets and 44% of profits (I think 2-and-20 is already relatively generous)! How he continues to generate superb returns for his investors after fees defies the imagination.

    By Blogger Value Guy, at 10:23 PM  

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